Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Car Wreck Lawyer Las Vegas


After you have 1. Called 911 and 2. Decided whether it is safe to leave your car where it is or move it, the next step 3. Is to talk to the driver of the other car in your Las Vegas Car Accident. The first thing you want to do when talking to the other driver, is to get their license plate number and their insurance information. In getting their insurance information, be sure to write down a. the other driver’s name, b. their insurance company, c. the insurance company’s phone number, and d. the policy number the other driver has with their insurance company.

Although you may in shock and your emotions are riding high, try to stay calm when talking to the other driver. Your first inclination may to start swearing or yelling at the other driver, but just remember that you have a Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas, who will make sure you made as whole as possible after the accident. You may simply want to wait for the police to arrive and not talk anymore with the other driver. However, if the other driver says they are sorry, was on their cel phone or doing something other than paying full attention to driving, be sure to tell the police everything the other driver said to you after the accident. The police officer will write down your side of the story and other driver’s comments in the police report.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Car Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Following up on what to do after you have called 911 and assessed that it is safe to leave your vehicle were it is after an accident. You may want to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE WHERE IT IS AFTER A WRECK. A good Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer will tell you why you may want to do so.

There is one time when you do want to leave your vehicle where it ended up after a crash: to assist the police in reconstructing the accident. Once you have determined it is safe, you can leave your vehicle in the road after an accident. Once the police arrive, they may do an “Accident Investigation”. In an Accident Investigation, the police will measure skid marks, note where the vehicle’s ended up after an accident and create an outline of what potentially happened to cause the accident. If you move your car, the police cannot do an Accident Investigation.

In a common rear-end car accident, this is usually not necessary to leave your car where it ended up after the accident. However, when your vehicle was hit an angle or thrown 10-20 feet as a result of the impact, knowing where you ended up is important for your Las Vegas Accident case.

Next time we talk, I will go over the third step after a car accident: talking to the driver of the other car.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Personal Injury Las Vegas

ASSESS SAFETY BEFORE EXITING YOUR VEHICLE AND MOVE YOUR VEHICLE IF NECESSARY TO AVOID FURTHER INJURY. After you have called 911 then you can get out of your car, only if it is safe to do so. If you are on the freeway when an accident has happened, be very careful not to cause any more damage to your vehicle or any harm to yourself, as a result of oncoming traffic. When you have an accident, your safety is the number one concern. Having a Car Accident Las Vegas Lawyer is also important. Your Personal Injury Las Vegas Lawyer knows what to do to ensure your health and safety needs are met. We hope this blog gives you information to make informed decisions after an accident, when you may be in shock and uncertain on what to do.

Once you are certain that you are safe, you can exit your vehicle. However, if you feel that it is not safe to exit your vehicle or to leave your vehicle where it is, you may want to consider moving your vehicle and yourself out of harm’s way. There is a classic case in Nevada where the driver of vehicle and a would-be helpful Samaritan decided to leave a disabled vehicle in the road to wait for help. It was dark out. The car’s headlight’s were left off. A semi-truck, not seeing the car in the dark, rammed into the car, with passengers inside. There was considerable injury to the passengers, as a result of leaving the car in the roadway. Don’t cause more damage by leaving your car on a potentially dangerous area of the road. Next time we talk, I will go over why you may want to leave your vehicle were it is after an accident, after you have determined it is safe to do so.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car Accidents Las Vegas

It has been another good week and I would like to inform you on what you should do when you are involved in a car accident in Las Vegas. My blog over the next several weeks will go over, step by step, what you should do after a car wreck and how to best start your case for Injury Lawyers Las Vegas.


If you are unfortunate enough to have been hit by an inattentive driver, the FIRST thing you should do is CALL 911. Although you will need a Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas, calling the police needs to be done first. Do not call your spouse or a friend. The reason? You’re cel phone records can be subpoenaed (the other side’s attorney can request them from your cel phone company). So, if your case goes to Court, the other side’s attorney may review your phone records looking for ways to deny you any recovery. If you call someone else first, the other side may argue that you were on your phone when the accident happened and try and blame you for the car accident.

There is another important point about calling the police after you have been in a Car Accident in Las Vegas. All 911 calls are recorded, so whatever you say on the phone may be used against you. So, just state (1) that you were in a car accident; (2) the location of the accident; and (3) that you need police and medical attention.

During my next blog, I will talk to you about what actions you should take once you have called 911.