Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Car Accident Attorney Las Vegas


Once you have:
STEP ONE: Called 911.
STEP TWO: Move or Leave your Car depending on safety.
STEP THREE: Talked to the Other Driver.
You can now move onto
STEP FOUR: Talking to Witnesses.

One of the most important things you and only you can do after an accident, is to talk to the people who witnessed the accident. Even if you were rear-ended by another driver and you think they are clearly at fault, you still need to have witnesses. It is very common for a driver who slams into the back of an other car (you) to later claim that you cut them off and therefore caused the Las Vegas Accident. By having witnesses, you can make sure no false accusations are made against you.

The reason why you are the only person who can talk to witnesses, is that by the time the police arrive, which can take up to 15-30 minutes, any witnesses may have left the accident scene. Also, by the time you talk to your Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas, the witnesses will be long gone.

So, when talking to a witness make sure you talk to them about what they saw and get the following information: a. Name, b. Home/Cel Phone Number, c. Work Phone Number, d. Home and Work Address. People move and change jobs a lot, so by getting their work and home information, you increase the likelihood of being able to contact them months down the road when their clear view of the accident is important. Next time we met, we will discuss STEP