Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Personal Injury: Living Out of State

Las Vegas is an exciting city and a vacation destination for many people. Unfortunately, while visiting Las Vegas, you may be involved in a Las Vegas Injury Accident. Commons types of Las Vegas Injury Accidents that vacationers are involved in, occur when they slip and fall at a local Las Vegas casino, are in a car accident, while in a rental car or while riding once of Las Vegas' area buses. A common question asked of people who live in other states, is whether they will have to return to Las Vegas for their Las Vegas Personal Injury case. Many cases do settle out of court. So, if your case is one that settles out of court, you will not have to come to Las Vegas, as everything can be handled by your Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney.

However, if a lawsuit is required to get the fair amount for your case, your Las Vegas Injury Attorney will tell you that you may have to come to Las Vegas. If you live out of state, will likely be required to travel to Las Vegas to personally give what is called a "deposition". A deposition is simply a statement under oath. Although you could give a formal statement over the telephone, the Las Vegas courts generally require that you give your statement in person, to allow the other side to meet you. Many cases settle sometime after your deposition is given. However, your Las Vegas Injury Attorney will tell you that if your case does not settle at this time, you will be required to appear at an Arbitration (a private trial) or Trial. In both cases, the person making the decision on your case will want to personally hear what happened to you in your Las Vegas Accident.