Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting your Car Fixed After a Car Wreck

If you are in a car accident, one of the first things on your mind, after your physical injuries, is getting the damage to your car fixed. If your car is drivable, then your Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer will advise you to continue to drive your car while your car repair is being coordinated. If your car is unsafe to drive or if it is totaled, then you should store your car in a place where you do not have to pay for storage fees.

Most people think that their car will be repaired immediately. However, your Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer will tell you that the insurance company will have to first send someone to come out and look at your car, to determine the extent of the damages to your car.

If the insurance company is unsure about who was at fault for causing the accident, then there is going to be a delay in getting your car repaired and a car rental. What the insurance company will want to do, is have your statement taken. That statement will be taken while you are in your Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer's office, with the insurance company on the telephone. When you are giving your statement, you will be asked questions as to how the accident happened, your injuries, medical treatment so far and other accident related questions. Please remember though, to not speak with the insurance company (including yours), until you have spoken with your Las Vegas Car Wreck Lawyer first and gotten the okay! Next time, we will talk about the settlement process.